Store some of your Solar Electric instead of exporting it to the grid

Store Your Solar Output for home use Instead of exporting most to the Electric  Grid.

Founder Dennis Wilson Timeline

  • 1990 Dennis establishes Enersave, inc . Company grows to 35 engineers and develops over 100 large scale lighting projects for commercial clients. Clients save cumulative $300,000,000.00 in utility bill costs by 2017
  • 2003 Dennis starts selling and installing solar electric systems on Long Island – Rebates of 50% for early solar adopters including six solar systems with battery backup connected to the grid.
  • 2005 Wilson establishes The Solar Center in NJ and becomes second largest residential solar company in NJ with 500 solar electric sales and 40 solar hot water systems.
  • 2008 Dennis sells his ownership in The Solar Center to investors – Establishes Renewable Power Inc., signs first 500KW commercial project for $2.4 million
  • 2009-2015 Company installs many commercial solar systems up to 500KW, including two 250KW with Lithium battery storage to supply Frequency and Voltage support to grid
  • 2012-2016 Renewable Power leads the development of a 10MW, $20,000,000 solar farm near Flemington NJ with 50,000 solar modules
  • Wilson supports Phil Murphy’s campaign for Governor due to candidate’s strong platform for clean energy agenda for NJ
  • 2016 Dennis establishes Sunowner, Inc. with two investors to bring battery storage to existing solar owners and create “Virtual Power Plants”
  • 2017 Sunowner becomes certified by Sonnen-Batterie, the leading residential solar storage company with 30,000 systems for installation of their smart battery system